New Shoes Cure the Blues

New shoes cure the blues….My motto whenever I’m feeling down (which is hardly ever but it’s better to have them there in case I do). Hence, my most recent purchase.

Gucci Princetown Mules: the perfect twist on their classic and extremely comfortable loafers. Yes the pricetag was above what I would have wanted it to be but then I thought, “Buy the shoes, no use being the richest bitch in the cemetery…” I swear though, that the cost per wear will be so low given I can’t seem to take them off. Don’t know what that is? Read here

Of course I couldn’t just buy black, besides they were on back order until November. So, I chose my next favourite colour. I mean, Life is too short to wear boring shoes… Yes I get stares but people will stare regardless so give them a reason to.

The motto of the tale is – You can’t buy happiness but you can buy shoes and that’s the same thing…

P.s. Quotes were taken from google…C’mon I’m that clever but people have been swooning over shoes long before I was born.

Stay Tuned


New Shoes Cure the Blues