Summer Layers

   Summer doesn’t make it easy to layer the way I would like to, especially summer in Miami. Thank God there are options for those like me. First, you can opt to not wear a bra, just kidding! Not really though. That is one less layer if you seriously consider. This, however, may come easier to those, who let’s say don’t get excited about Victoria’s Secret bra sales. Take that layer away and you can add something in its place, a scarf for example. This one in particular has always done the job, season after season, year after year. Always choose light colors, light fabrics and loose fits. Shorts are always the best option, but if you prefer longer lengths refer to the aforementioned recommendation. And yes, since this is not an essay it always gets tough when choosing a closing statement. What more can I say,? Hope you guys are having an amazing week! And, Stay Tuned… XO
 Photographs by Genesis @

Tunic-Zara; Shorts-Zara; Scarf-H&M, Shoes-Isabel Marant; Sunnies-Dior; Belt-Moschino

Summer Layers


Picture the streets of New York or Milan or Paris during the height of fashion weeks. Insert me, the very images you see below. Fits? Your answer better be yes. See, that’s what I was going for. Miami during the summer, as most of you may know gets hot, and add the humidity and it can get almost unbearable outside. Less garments lower the levels of wanting to die melting out on the streets. Walking on the streets at midday also very unlikely on summer days. However, to accomplish the look and idea for today’s post I had to go (and notice the use of ‘had to’ as if though it was obligatory but by no other than myself) against almost every unlikely occurrence of a typical Miami summer day. But then entertainment comes at its costs, and this is what this is, entertainment, so I did it…for all of you (insert emoji blowing heart kiss) My friends have heard me say time and time again, “I wish I could wear what I ideally would like to!” Meaning: I imagined this outfit a fortnight ago for dinner and an impromptu club night with my friends. Appropriate? Not quite. Who wears a t-shirt to dinner or a club? Then again who wears a pot holder to dinner or a club? If you get my drift. Anyways, I passed on the outfit and opted for something more ‘fitting’ for the night, occasion and location. Nevertheless I had to bring the outfit to life so I did so on the streets of downtown Miami, where it seemed more ‘fitting,’ and the next best alternative to New York, Milan or Paris…  

Ashlee--33 Ashlee--34 Ashlee--35 Ashlee--36 Ashlee--37 Ashlee--38 Ashlee--39  Ashlee--43 Ashlee--44 Ashlee--45 Ashlee--40 Ashlee--48Ashlee--49


Photos by Gen

Shirt-Urban Outfitters; Skirt-H&M; Cuff and Pumps-Celine; Bag-Chanel





DSCN3753Blazer, Jeans, Cropped Top-All Zara; Pumps-Celine; Brooch-Chanel

So those who are fans of Rap Music may be familiar with my latest blog title. However, the ‘C’ in this case stands for Chanel, duh. Chanel Rules Everything Around Me. Oh for this to be true! The right accents, though, like this fab brooch (borrowed from my sister) can make the world of a difference on this simple yet chic white on ‘cream’ palette. And yes I live in these very distressed boyfriend jeans and I will keep living in them until they give in. Hopefully that day never comes. What is coming though is the weekend, so here’s to a fab and safe one!

Stay Tuned,